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About us
Founded in 1933, Shanghai Haichang Medical Plastic Co, Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise under the SPH (ShanghaPharmaceutical Holding Co, Ltd.) specializing in the production of various pharmaceutical plastic packaging products. She has professional pharmaceutical plastic packaging design and manufacturing capabilities. As a professional manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging bottle (cap) enterprise designed and organized in accordance with GMP standards, specializing in supporting pharmaceutical production enterprises. She is also one of the first batch of enterprises to obtain the registration certificate of Class "Packaging Materials and Containersin Direct Contact with Drugs" issued by the CFDA and is also the earliest pharmaceutical packaging container manufacturer in China to obtain the US FDA registration, Through continuous innovation, she has 30 intellectual property rights in 1996 Haichang has been plastic-making process and product design in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Since continuously rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.
With safe, environmentally friendly and high-quality products, Haichang provides supporting medical plastic botles and new matching caps for well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, SPH, and Hengrui. The product sales cover large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises in 31 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across China. Her annual production capacity of PE, PET, and PP materials has reached 600 million sets, and she has nearly 50 advanced injection-blowing, injection-pul-blowing process botle making machines and cap making machine production lines. In addition, there is a Class-D (100,000) clean room purification workshop with a GMP level (purification area of nearly3,000 square meters), and is equipped with standardized and advanced physical and chemical testing laboratories, complete microbial control, advanced high-speed detection equipment, and automatic packing technology. The pharmaceutical packaging bottles and caps produced by her are widely used in Pharmaceutical(Food) Products such as tablets, capsules, oral liquids, granules, powders.and Chinese herbal medicines.
As a leading enterprise in Chinese pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging industry, Haichang adheres to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Innovation, Quality, and Efficiency"Through technological innovation, she continuously improves her core competitiveness, strives to createvalue for customers, and better serves the needs of the public for safe medication.